The privacy of our users is our top priority

cinnac does not collect any of your personal data that could be used to identify you as a person. We only use your anonymised or pseudoanonymised data, e.g. your age range. You can use cinnac anonymously as long as you stick to our rules.
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cinnac Privacy Policy

Please find our Terms of Use for the cinnac app here.

The present Privacy Policy transparently describes the type of data we collect when you register with cinnac and when you use cinnac.

We (bavarit GmbH, Münchener Straße 14, 85540 München-Haar, hereinafter also referred to as “bavarit,” “we,” “cinnac”) attempt to anonymize or pseudonymize directly collected personal data to the greatest extent possible.

We and companies we have contracted thereby store your data exclusively on servers within Germany. We do not share your personal data with any third parties.

1. Data collection during registration – Consent

1.1 Consent

By registering with cinnac and accepting the present Privacy Policy, you consent to the collection and use of your data to the extent described below. In particular, you consent to our storing the data which you provide during registration or later on in the app and which indirectly describes you such as the year you were born, your occupation or your gender, to our displaying it to other cinnac users in your cinnac profile, and to our linking this data to usage data we collect when you visit cinnac.

It is important to us to ensure that the data we collect and store cannot be associated with you as a specific person. To this end, we either do not store any personal data at all which can directly identify you or do so in a way which makes it impossible to directly identify you on the basis of the data.

You have two different options for registering with cinnac. We collect and store different data depending on which option you choose.

1.2 Data collection during registration

Registering through Facebook:

If you register with cinnac through Facebook Connect, we receive data from Facebook, specifically your publicly accessible Facebook profile data such as, for example, your name, profile picture, age range, gender, friend list, and possibly additional information you’ve set to “public” in your Facebook settings.

To complete your registration, you also have to select a user name.

We only store the following provided data at such a high degree of encryption that even we ourselves will be unable to decrypt it:

We do not receive your name from Facebook and thus do not store it.

Registering directly in the app:

Registering directly in the app itself is done using an SMS Auth; i.e. you enter your telephone number and we send you a code to continue the registration process.

To complete your registration, you then have to select a user name and as well provide your gender and the year you were born.

Also in the direct registration process, we only store the following data at such a high degree of encryption that even we will be unable to decrypt it:

Optional additional information:

So that you will also be presented with all the sets that you are interested in, it makes sense for you to further supplement your profile by providing additional data.

You can indicate the following additional information:

2. During use

When you visit cinnac, we store your IP address (as hash with synchronous encryption) in order to be able to track specific usage of your account should there be illegal or criminal account activity.

When you upload sets, we obviously also store their images and description.

We additionally store the sets you view and which images you thereby select.

We of course also store which other users you’ve added to your friend list and which users you follow.

3. What do we do with your data?

First and foremost, it is crucial for us to stress that we pseudonymize your usage data that we store such that no one who has access to the data can ever directly associate it with you personally. We encrypt all data which could identify you directly or indirectly. For example, we only store your Facebook ID, your telephone number and your email address as a hash with asynchronous encryption. That means that even we are not able to recover your actual personal data from the encrypted data we store, all it does is allow us to verify upon contact that you are really you.

So far, so good. But why do we even need to store usage data in the first place?

We create pseudonymized usage profiles from such data for the purposes of advertising, market research and tailoring our online presence to identified needs.

For example, it helps us to know who selects which sets and rates which images highly. This never relates to you personally but rather populations as a whole such as men/women, age groups, occupational categories, etc.

Creating such user profiles is allowed under German law pursuant to Sec. 15 (3) of the Telemedia Act (TMG) provided you do not object to such profile generation.

Merging usage profiles with data which could personally identify you is expressly prohibited under Sec. 15 (3), third sentence, and Sec. 13 (4) No. 6 of the TMG and thus does not occur. As described above, we only store data of that type in such a way that it is impossible to decrypt it in order to directly identify you outside of cinnac.

Should you not want us to create a user profile of your activities on cinnac, you can simply withdraw your consent. Please see No. 3.1 below for more information on this.

We only share such usage data and/or usage profiles with third parties in fully anonymized form (refer to Sec. 15 (5), third sentence, of the TMG).

3.1 Withdrawing usage profile consent

Should you not be agreeable to the generating of a pseudonymized usage profile, you can object to it at any time.

To do so, go to your personal settings within the cinnac app and unclick the corresponding “Generate usage profile” option.

When you use this button to opt out of pseudonymized usage profile generation, we will also delete any of your usage data that may have been previously stored.

4. Right to information and deletion

You can withdraw your consent to the future processing and use of your personal data at any time. Simply send an email to or send written notification to bavarit GmbH, Münchner Straße 14, 85540 München-Haar, Germany. Additionally, you can ask us at any time to provide you with information on what personal data we have stored on you and you also have the right, where applicable, to correct, block or delete the data. Should legal, contractual or tax/commercial obligations to retain data or other statutory reasons prevent deletion, we will only be able to block your data instead of deleting it.

Please understand that normal use of cinnac will no longer be possible when you object to all processing and use of your data.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We expressly reserve the right to change, supplement, amend and/or delete in full or in part the present Privacy Policy at any time, particularly when new legal requirements or technical developments necessitate accordingly adapting the present Privacy Policy.

6. Contact

For questions on the collection, processing or use of your personal data and for information, correction, blocking or deleting of data as well as withdrawing any previously given consent, please contact: