Become a partner

Because cinnac is way more fun when it is used by a wide community, you can support our app and its variety by inviting your friends. And for that support we would like to say thank you – and much more.

We have started a challenge open to anyone who would like to take part and has registered with our app. When you bring a lot of users to cinnac, we will bring a little joy to your bank account.

Follow these steps to become a partner:

Create an account

In order to become a partner, you first have to sign up for cinnac.

Register as a partner

At the bottom of this page, you can register for the partner program.
All you need is your cinnac username, a valid email address and your verification code.

Invite your friends

Bring your friends to cinnac to increase your chances of winning one of the prizes.

How do you win?

When a user registers an account on cinnac, he has the opportunity to tell us if a partner brought him to our app.
In the input field you can see on the right side, they can enter your username to bring you one step closer to win a price.

There is only this one chance during the registration for a user to name a partner.
Therefore, take care to remind your friends of that fact.

At the end of the competition, we only count the active users that you brought to us. An active user is someone who checks in once in a while.


We pay you 0,50€ for every active user you bring to cinnac. An active user is someone who is online on a daily basis.
In order to receive a payment, a minimum of 25 active users must have named you as their partner.

The best three partners gain an additional bonus and have the chance of an internship at cinnac.

Sign up as a partner!