cinnac - picture the world

Create your Set on cinnac, make blogs about your favourite topics and show others,
what moves you, makes you smile or simply what´s your taste.

Express your opinion about the Sets of others with a simple swipe and enjoy the way
you view the photos on cinnac.

The Homescreen - your starting point

Decide on your own how you want to see the Sets arranged.
See what is currently trending or the newest Sets or just compose your own feed by following others and follow up on what your friends are doing.

Sets and Votes

A Set is a mini-blog, where you can upload up to 20 photos. You and the community can then decide which images you like the most.

View a Set

We randomly present you pairs of these images and you can choose which picture you prefer by swiping one of them left or right.

Your favourite

In that way, you build up your personal ranking and see exactly which image is your favourite.

You and the community

After you finish a Set, you can see how the community rated the images and compare their opinion with yours.

Create your Set on cinnac

Creating a Set means putting photos together connected by a certain topic. Do you want to share your Set with the whole community or just with chosen friends? Explore the way of creativity in the mini-blogging service cinnac!

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